Professor Gordon Wishart is Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Check4Cancer, a company that was launched in 2008 to provide early cancer detection services to the private and corporate market. Check4Cancer now provides cutting edge early detection services for breast, bowel, prostate, lung, skin and cervical cancer which together cover over 85% of all new cancer diagnoses in the UK each year.

Check4Cancer has now established a niche private market in the healthcare sector for the early detection of cancer. In the absence of any strong interest in this sector by the NHS, Check4Cancer has established itself as an award winning, market pioneer for employee benefits and has identified the marketing mix for penetrating the private and corporate market in this area.

Since ‘11, Check4Cancer has screened more than 30,000 clients; with over 100 cancers detected, and is on a growth curve that saw the number of corporate customers more than double in ‘15 & ’16. In January 2016, Check4Cancer launched a OneStop diagnostic breast network for Cigna insured clients via its BreastHealth UK brand.