As an internationally-renowned clinical and research practice, the Cambridge Breast Clinic was established by Professor Gordon Wishart in 2010 to provide access to world class diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and benign breast disease. The Cambridge Breast Clinic now has state of the art facilities in Cambridge and Athens.

Professor Gordon Wishart is one of the leading UK breast surgeons and as Director of the Cambridge Breast Unit from 2005-2010, he was instrumental in raising £2million to build the Cambridge Breast Cancer NHS Research Unit in 2008. With an international reputation for breast cancer research, he has published widely in the field of breast cancer and has been lead or co-investigator on clinical trials that have attracted over £2 million pounds in grant funding.

In 2010 he led a team of clinicians and scientists to produce a new breast cancer survival and treatment benefit model called Predict that is the first clinical prognostication model for breast cancer to include HER2 and the benefit of trastuzumab (Herceptin). The Predict model website now has over 7500 hits per month, and is now used by the majority of UK breast surgeons. His contribution to developments in breast cancer treatment and research were recognised by Anglia Ruskin University in December 2008, when he was appointed as Professor of Cancer Surgery.

In 2008, Professor Wishart co-founded Check4Cancer, now the leading provider of cancer screening for the private and corporate sector in the UK. Professor Wishart also has an international reputation as a medicolegal expert in cases where there has been a delay in breast cancer diagnosis.